BaSix Knowledge Academy
"It's Hard Watching Someone You Love Struggle Educationally. Now There's Help."

Mission: To impact communities by producing high school graduates who are well-prepared citizens with the needed tools to pursue their destiny and passions which ultimately transforms our world.

About Us

BASIX KNOWLEDGE ACADEMY offers a unique way of learning where students are given flexible weekly schedules, allowing students the opportunity to attend school up to 3 times per week. Our courses are designed so that students may set their weekly schedule and work at any time and control the pace at which they learn, deciding when to complete weekly assignments, evaluations, projects and progress tests. The flexible format is perfect for a variety of students, allowing them to accelerate or decelerate their learning experience as necessary. Because the student controls their weekly pace in accordance to our weekly schedule, there is no falling behind or waiting for others to catch up. Students always have additional access to teachers and staff members outside of their mandatory weekly attendance requirements.


Our Courses

Our 9th - 12th grade curriculum include a wide range of English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Foreign Language, and Elective/Extra Curricular courses.

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2014 Mini-Mesters
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-Maymester: April 14 - June 23
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-Summer Semester: June 9 - July 25
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-Oct 20 - Dec 12 (Fall Minimester)

What's Our Secret?

BaSix Knowledge Academy offers a different approach to education understanding that all students learn, think, and behave differently! Our full curriculum aligns with the Georgia Performance standards and Common Core Standards. Our approach encourages the student’s ability to think critically while developing time-management skills in maintaining a flexible, weekly school schedule. Our certified instructors and team members are committed to ensuring each student's individual success!

Students, ages 16 thru ADULTS of all ages are provided flexible, affordable programs without compromising a quality education. Our approach teaches project management, time management, and self-discipline skills -- skills that are coupled with discovery of one's purpose; thusly, allowing us to fulfill our school's mission.

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