BaSix Knowledge Academy

"Excellence in Education...Without Excuse"
Mission: To impact communities by producing well-prepared high school graduates, who have the needed academic tools to pursue their destiny and passions; ultimately transforming our world.

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About Us

BASIX KNOWLEDGE ACADEMY is a fully-accredited 9th-12th grade private academy headquartered in Dekalb County. For almost 18 years, BaSix has proudly served students in all counties throughout Georgia.

Boasting of an alumni list of over 1800 graduates and a graduation rate of 86%, BaSix has proud graduates represented in major colleges, universities, military branches and the workplace across the United States.

Our Academy offers 6 Academic Programs/Strategies to ensure students successfully graduate & matriculate to their next level in life! Upon evaluation of a student’s academic transcript, the student is then placed in the best academic program/strategy offered. Students from age 15 to adult learners love our flexible format that allows them to attend school up to 4 days per week based on their academic schedule requirements.

Our unique academic programs offer daily on-site instruction with certified instructors as well as virtual/online opportunities for learners.


Our Courses

Our 9th - 12th grade curriculum include a wide range of English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Foreign Language, and Elective/Extra Curricular courses.

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What's Our Secret?

BaSix Knowledge Academy offers a different approach to education understanding that all students learn, think, and behave differently! Our full curriculum aligns with the Georgia Performance standards and Common Core Standards. Our approach encourages the student’s ability to think critically while developing time-management skills in maintaining a flexible, weekly school schedule. Our certified instructors and team members are committed to ensuring each student's individual success!

Students, ages 16 thru ADULTS of all ages are provided flexible, affordable programs without compromising a quality education. Our approach teaches project management, time management, and self-discipline skills -- skills that are coupled with discovery of one's purpose; thusly, allowing us to fulfill our school's mission.