BaSix Knowledge Academy's Team of Professionals

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The faculty and staff of BaSix Knowledge Academy are hand-picked from some of the best in the profession and are dedicated to bringing out the BEST in each scholar!

BaSix Knowledge Academy’s Administrative Team

D.K. Price
, President & Headmaster

Patricia A. Rogers, Executive Assistant to the President

Timothy Price, Executive Security

Johnny Haskins, Online Academy Director

James Price, Student Academy Administrator/Registrar

Lucius Williams, Senior Accountant


D. Kennebrew, Academic Advisor

C. Tyler, Academic Advisor

D.K. Price, Instructor

Alma Tillman, Instructor

L. Charles, Instructor

Leah Saffo, Instructor

Johnny Haskins, Instructor

A. Grier, Instructor

J. Price, Instructor

Aeesha Abdullah, Receptionist

Jane Bouchard, Administrative Clerk

Yvonne Lewis, Administrative Clerk

Samuel Evans, Graduation Coordinator