Our Founder

David K. Price

About the Founder & President:
David K. Price


Commencing as an after-school tutorial center in October 1997 in the home of Headmaster Price, BaSix Knowledge has now come full-circle to a highly sought-after high school for traditional and non-traditional students and adult learners across Georgia! Proudly boasting of an alumni list of over 4,500 graduates represented in major colleges, universities, military branches and the work force across the United States, BaSix Knowledge has been a consistent, quiet storm for 20 years in Georgia and the answer to thousands of students and parents’ prayers. The Academy has 3 divisions in which a high school student can enroll including an Online Division component that is expands to any qualifying student or adult in any city and county across Georgia.

Headmaster Price, a sought-after educational consultant and motivational speaker, often speaks to educators about his 9-12 model that is considered a “one-stop educational shop.” He realized that students learn and behave differently and he wanted to help students of all differences create strategies for educational success. Price maintains that if a student can develop critical thinking and writing skills, they can succeed in every academic area. The goal of the academy is to help “traditional” and “non-traditional” students attain an accredited High School diploma versus a GED regardless of their previous academic and/or behavioral record. The school offers a unique approach to education and pushes students to work and think critically while discovering their purpose and passions. BaSix Knowledge has become an increasingly popular educational alternative because it provides flexibility and is open to non-traditional students of all ages! Headmaster Price often consults with Superintendents, Principals and local Politicians regarding best educational practices to ensure success with today’s non-traditional student and adults across Georgia. Additionally, he is called upon to assist in developing and building educational programs and models for students in K-12.

After earning his B.A. from Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia in 1997 and completing his graduate studies from Troy University, Pricebegan his teaching career. Headmaster Price spent 10 years in the high school classroom pursuing his love of teaching English and Theater while working BaSix Knowledge in the afternoon and evenings! He has been privileged to teach and mentor students in the Fulton and DeKalb Public School System of Georgia; Anniston Alabama Public School Systems and Private High School institutions in Georgia. Additionally, Headmaster Price has taught at Morehouse College (PSP), Georgia Perimeter and Clark-Atlanta University. He was always particularly drawn to students labeled “misplaced or misunderstood” in all of his experiences. Unable to fully help students through traditional channels is what pushed Price to start an after-school tutoring and mentoring program that focused on 6 areas of mastering “basic” concepts . The success & rapid growth of this tutorial/mentoring program led to him home-schooling children. The home-schooling program blossomed and experienced exponential growth and quickly transformed into what is today a fully-accredited private high school; thusly, BaSix Knowledge Academy.