BaSix Knowledge Academy

About Us

BASIX KNOWLEDGE ACADEMY is a fully-accredited with quality 9th-12th grade private high school headquartered in DeKalb County and serves high school students and adults in all counties of Georgia!  BaSix Knowledge Academy is accredited as a K-12 Private School and as an Online Academy by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia through the Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC). GAC is the oldest accrediting body in the State of Georgia since 1904. Qualifying graduates of BASIX KNOWLEDGE ACADEMY are eligible for the Hope Scholarship and College admission throughout the United States. Graduates are also eligible for military entrance after passing required entrance exam scores. For 20 years, BaSix Knowledge has proudly produced graduates who represent residents from all counties throughout Georgia.  Boasting of an alumni list of over 4,500 graduates and a graduation rate of 86%, BaSix Knowledge has proud graduates represented in major colleges, universities, military branches and the workplace across the United States.

BaSix Knowledge Academy graduates represent a myriad of backgrounds and nationalities and age ranges.  Our graduates proudly attend all spectrums of post-secondary options including Colleges and Universities from the Technical, 2-year school to 4-year, Ivy-League Universities. Our unique Academy offers 6 Academic Programs/Strategies to ensure 9th-12th grade students successfully graduate & matriculate to their next level in life! Upon evaluation of a student’s official academic transcript, the student is then placed in the best academic program/strategy offered. (All programs may not be offered various times of the year) Students starting at age 14 to adult learners across Georgia love our flexible format and program options and dedicated instructional and counseling staff!

Students and adults may choose to attend our school in 1 of 3 methods:  Instructional Division; our Independent Study or our Online Academy division.  Each division of our Academy allows flexibility and constant access to our certified Instructional staff and counseling and tutorial staff. Additionally, each division has various attendance requirements as well as pricing differences.   Each option is discussed upon appointment/evaluation.

Who is an Ideal BaSix Knowledge Academy Student?

1) Students (Georgia residents) minimally age 14 years old thru adults and qualify to attend minimally 9th grade and desire to attend a private school versus a public school!  Specifically, students who desire a flexible weekly school schedule.
(Adult learners are welcomed & graduates of BaSix are represented 18 thru age 81! We have a large adult population and feel it is never too late to complete your high school education.)
2)  High School Students who are behind in their core credits!
(BaSix Knowledge Academy’s program strategies are designed to help students make up missed credits & move forward.  We offer several mini-mesters throughout the year as well as a Summer Credit Recovery Program.)
3)  Students who are struggling to attend a traditional school due to personal, professional, academic or behavioral reasons.

(Our Independent Study or Online Academy is ideal for this student due to the student’s ability to work primarily from home but attending school weekly on a flexible schedule.)

4)   Students who are in need of “Credit Recovery” during the summer.
(BaSix Knowledge Academy has offered summer credit recovery for over 10 years to Public & Private school students across Georgia.  Credit Recovery students take up to 2 transferable credits during our summer semester. Credits are transferable to public and other accredited private schools across Georgia upon completion.  *Please check for approval with your local high school Counselor/Administrator)
5)  Adult Students who have never completed high school regardless of the reason, or their age, background or nationality and DO NOT DESIRE A GED!
(Over the past 20 years, BaSix has served a large population of adult students over the traditional age of 21.  Many adult students do not desire a GED, which often is their option.  Adult students of all backgrounds enjoy the ability to return to school and earn their diploma with attendance options for the working adult!)

What’s Our Secret?

BaSix Knowledge Academy realizes that everyone learns, thinks and behaves differently and may need various educational options to complete their high school education! Our 3 academic divisions are customized to fit each individual situation that a high school student may have faced and gives students options to facilitate success!

Our curriculum aligns with the Georgia Performance Standards/Common Core Standards and graduates have proven to be successful in post-secondary options upon exiting BaSix Knowledge Academy. Our approach encourages the student’s ability to think critically while developing time-management/project management and self discipline skills while maintaining a flexible weekly schedule whether a student attends our Onsite Instructional Academy, our Independent Study Academy or our Online Academy.

How Do I Get Started? It’s Simple!

Appointments are needed! Appointments are accepted daily to meet with our Headmaster and apply for admission!1)  Once you have obtained a copy of your official transcript, you may schedule a time for an evaluation/enrollment.

2)  To officially enroll, you will need:

– Official Transcript or (Credit Update Form – Summer enrollees and Dual Enrollees only) (Official Transcripts can be ordered by BaSix if you do not have access, but will delay enrollment process.)
*Immunization/Birth Certificate Records, (if under 18)

– School Withdrawal, (if currently enrolled)

– Government ID (over 18)

– Registration/Enrollment or Tuition Fee. (be prepared to minimally pay $225 to begin any academic division with BaSix.